Light steel keel (partition wall)

Product description

Product overview

Light steel keel is made of high quality cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized for raw materials, the production process of cold-formed thin-wall steel, the thickness is 0.4mm— 1.5mm. Widely used in ceiling system and partition system.


Product features

A) with high quality cold-rolled hot galvanized for raw materials, material uniformity, high strength, good rigidity, to ensure the construction of excellent performance of light steel keel, galvanized volume more than 120g/ square meters, higher than the national quality requirements, anti rust, corrosion resistance;

B) using multi roll production technology, to ensure that the steel strip progressive deformation, the main stress release fully, the residual stress distribution is uniform, effectively prevent the ceiling plaster board seam cracking;

C) high dimensional accuracy, and according to the Russian architectural features and the design of the geometric dimensions of the standard.

D) installation of gypsum board when the nail is good, the construction time;

E) varieties complete, covering all types of the market, and can be customized according to customer's special requirements.

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